Young Singapore Refining Company Employees’ Union

Singapore Refining Company Employees’ Union was formed in 1984. They represent employees of Singapore Refining Company Pte Ltd.

Union Representative(s)
Salleh Zakaria
Young SRCEU Union Leader


Liang Heng Jia
Young SRCEU Union Leader

Heng Jia is the youth representative of Young SRCEU.


Young SRCEU Union Leader Speaks Out
What does servant leadership mean? It means to put the welfare of those under your care before your own – a concept very familiar to SRCEU Exco Member Joel Liang.
Outplay, Outwit, And Outlast: Survivor!
Ever wondered what is like to start your own fire and cook your meals in the wilderness? Organised by five different unions, youth members came together to complete the Sisters' Island Survivor Challenge! Read on to know more about the challenges encountered and conquered!
Enthusiasm At Its Best
“I am a strong believer that constant engagement with members will instil the trust and enhance the relationship we share.”