Young UITS
Young Union of ITE Training Staff

Union of ITE Training Staff was formed in 1979. They represent employees of Institute of Technical Education.

Union Representative(s)
Azri Zulfarhan Bin Kamsin
Young NTUC Chairperson/ Executive Committee Member, UITS

Azri works as an ITE lecturer in the School of engineering - Facilities Management & Engineering. He is an Exco Member in UITS and also the Chairperson (Public sector) of Young NTUC Committee. His hobbies include camping, outdoor adventure, exploring new places and eating. He also enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids.

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Championing Change for Youths
Highly driven with a contagious gusto, Azri’s personal goal is to deliver real impact in helping with addressing youth-related issues and concerns at a national level. In addition to representing the Union of ITE Training Staff (UITS), he is also the Chairperson of Young NTUC Committee.
Beyond Lecturing In The Classroom
“Enjoy what you are doing; do things that you find meaningful and are passionate about.”