Young Public Utilities Board Employees’ Union

Public Utilities Board Employees’ Union was formed in 1999. They represent employees of PUB.

Union Representative(s)
Eunice Mok
Young PUBEU Union Leader

Eunice is the youth representative of Young PUBEU.

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Erwan Zubir
Young PUBEU Union Leader

Erwan Zubir is a youth representative of Young PUBEU.

He works as an Assistant Engineer for PUB in Water Reclamation department. In his free time, he likes to play soccer, floorball and spend time with his family.

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Face to Face with Melissa Tay
What inspires a young person to join the union as a leader? We meet up with Melissa Tay from PUBEU to find out more.
Becoming a Cher Leader
"I hope the public’s perspective of unions will improve and that members will think of the union first when a problem arises."