Young STU
Young Singapore Teachers’ Union

Singapore Teachers' Union was formed in 1946. They represent education officers in the Ministry of Education

Union Representative(s)
Nur Farahin Bte Salleh
Young STU Union Leader

Nur Farahin is a youth representative of Young STU.

Farahin is an educator with the Ministry of Education. She is the Council Member in Singapore Teacher Union's Central Council. Her hobbies include watching stage performances and learning about the many different cultures in the world through different mediums. 

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Ong Ting Kai
Young STU Union Leader

Ting Kai is a youth representative of Young STU.

Ting Kai is a music coordinator and teacher at St. Gabriel's Secondary School. As the school music coordinator, he plans the school music curriculum and is involved with many of the school celebratory events. Ting Kai specializes in performing the Chinese Flute (Dizi) and Western Flute. Outside of his teaching duties, Ting Kai performs regularly and amassed vast performing experience having performed at international and local events. 

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