Young STU
Young Singapore Teachers’ Union

Singapore Teachers' Union was formed in 1946. They represent education officers in the Ministry of Education

Union Representative(s)
Goh Huishan Aprilene
Young STU Union Leader

Huishan works in the Ministry of Education. She is  co-founder of the environmental non-profit, Save That Pen, and sits on the Central Council of STU. Her hobbies include film, reading, and traveling extensively to learn about different cultures around the globe.

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Andy Ang Chun Poh
Young STU Union Leader

Andy works in the Ministry of Education. He is an Internal Auditor in STU. He is also the vice-chairperson (Public sector) of Young NTUC Committee. His hobbies include traveling, outdoor events and doing sports.

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Mdm Jamilya, a cleaner working at Crescent Girls' School shares her thoughts on the recently concluded Young Singapore Teachers' Union (STU) Cleaners Appreciation Lunch and how NTUC has helped her thus far. Young STU Chairperson, David Tay shares his takeaways and future plans for Young STU.