Young SMOU
Young Singapore Maritime Officers’ Union

Singapore Maritime Officers’ Union was formed in 1951. They represent Maritime officers.

Union Representative(s)
Dominic Yong
Young SMOU Union Leader

Dominic is currently a Project Executive with the Industrial Relations Division and Youth Division in SMOU. He participates in collective bargaining agreement negotiations with shipping companies and assist seafarers who have grievances.

As maritime officers spend plenty of time out at sea, Dominic communicates closely with young Singaporean officers and cadets who are undergoing their training to be an officer, building on the rapport between them and SMOU through various teambuilding activities and social media, as he believes that a strong Singaporean Core will benefit the maritime industry.

His hobbies include travelling and playing table tennis.

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Tan Lee Yee (Sherry)
Young SMOU Union Leader

Sherry works in the Singapore Maritime Officers' Union (SMOU). She is the Secretary in Young SMOU, the youth wing of SMOU. She creates opportunities and platforms for the youth members to network through events as well as to contribute back to the society by volunteering. Young SMOU also engages youth through various outreach activities, social media and more. Her hobbies include traveling, listening to music and photography.


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"Essentially the core of being a unionist is to listen to the feedback of others, helping them and doing better."
Sea Of Opportunity
“To be a part of Young NTUC, one must be passionate and driven. All of us work towards representing young workers better.”