Young SUN
Young Staff Union of NTUC-ARU

Staff Union of NTUC-ARU was formed in 1992. They represent employees of NTUC-ARU.

Union Representative(s)
Evangeline Tan
Young SUN Union Leader

Evangeline works in the Employment and Employability Institute of NTUC. Her hobbies include traveling, roller blading and reading.

Alan Yong Jian Hui
Young SUN Union Leader

Alan works in NTUC ARU’s Social Media Team. His hobbies include filming and football.

Service from the Heart, Serving with a Smile.
“I enjoy helping others, and serving in the Union seemed like a natural choice to me.”
Woman Of Steel
“After becoming an IRO, I became more thick-skinned and daring. I’ve grown to be unafraid of failures and able to think of others before myself.”
A Verve To Serve The Needy
“When it comes to volunteering, I am always up for it. Helping people not only make their day, but mine too.”