Young USE
Young Union of Security Employees

Union of Security Employees was formed in 1978. They represent employees employed by security agencies.

Union Representative(s)
Irwin Shah Rafiq Shah
Young USE Union Leader

 Irwin is a youth representative of Young USE.

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Mohammad Naazhry Abdul Aziz
Young USE Union Leader

Naazhry is a youth representative of Young USE.

Naazhry is a Branch Leader in USE. He is also currently working in Soverus Pte Ltd as an Assistant Manager where he is heading the SICC Department. He has been working in the security industry since 2007 where he started out as a Security Officer. His hobbies include music, travelling and online gaming.

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A Servant Leader Among Unsung Heroes
“I urge members to help others and get involved in the union. There is strength in unity and that should be the way forward.”