Young DBS Staff Union

DBS Staff Union was formed in 1984. They represent employees in DBS.

Union Representative(s)
Kamarudin Yahya
Young DBSSU Union Leader

Kamarudin Yahya is the youth representative of Young DBSSU.

Kevin Koh Boon Ann
Young DBSSU Union Leader

Kevin is the youth representative of Young DBSSU.

300 Youths, 1 Amazing Race
To celebrate Young NTUC's 10th anniversary and the nation's 50th birthday, 14 unions teamed up to organise the Young NTUC SG50 Amazing Race. During the race, besides having fun, participants also visited union offices and were reminded of trade unions’ contributions to Singapore’s development.
Gunning For A Game Change
"Change is good. And if it solves problems and improves situations, we should continue doing so."