Young POU
Young Port Officers’ Union

Port Officers’ Union was formed in 1967. They represent senior officers of PSA.

Union Representative(s)
Oh Yong Liang
Young POU Union Leader

Yong Liang is the youth representative of Young POU

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David Sia Wee Jin
Young POU Union Leader

David is the youth representative of Young POU

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300 Youths, 1 Amazing Race
To celebrate Young NTUC's 10th anniversary and the nation's 50th birthday, 14 unions teamed up to organise the Young NTUC SG50 Amazing Race. During the race, besides having fun, participants also visited union offices and were reminded of trade unions’ contributions to Singapore’s development.
Fatherly In Union And At Home
“I am satisfied when I see happy people around me benefitting from the things I have done for them. It is this sense of happiness and satisfaction that motivates me to carry on.”
Never a Minute Wasted
"Active engagement is the best way to introduce young members to the union."