Youth Chapters
Through our Youth Chapters - the youth wing of affiliated unions, young union leaders are better able to engage fellow youths at their workplace. With the support of Young NTUC, our young union leaders are provided with resources to facilitate them in reaching out and engaging their members.
Journeying Through the Rough Ride of the Aviation Industry
Driven by her passion to travel, Huang Huifang joined Scoot’s sales operation team five years ago and facilitated sales and account management activities for customers and airline partners, until the outbreak of COVID-19 changed her work focus last year.
The Friend We Want in Every Teacher
Generally, many of us perceive teachers to be all serious and straight-faced but Farahin breaks the stigma. She is fun to be with, enjoys Korean drama, loves to dance, and considers rolling her tongue a hidden talent. Spending time with her, makes you feel that you are with your genuine best friend.
Team Young NTUC
Team Young NTUC brings together youths of similar interests and causes. Youths come together as affinity groups to lead initiatives which they are passionate about. From environmental issues, animal welfare, volunteering to performing arts, we help our members make a difference to themselves and the society.
Passion, Purpose, Pragmatism
From being involved with massive national projects to being a champion of sustainability by promoting green solutions as part of the building and infrastructure designs for clients, Gavin’s career has been nothing short of enriching. He shares his experiences for youths aspiring to be engineers.
The World of Data Analytics..Find out More!
Lee Wee Teck works as a Data Analyst in CARIUMA, an ecommerce company that takes pride in producing and selling shoes that are sustainably-made and eco-friendly. He strongly believes that one's success in life is due not only to one's own efforts but also dependent on the opportunities available.
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