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A Different Kind of Feel Good Shopping Experience
Young NTUC’s U Heart Pasar Fiesta reaches out to 1,700 under-privileged families and seniors through a novel ‘shopping’ idea that encourages interaction.
Hands-on with the Labour Movement
Young union leaders and youth activists get an introduction to what the Labour Movement is all about at Young NTUC’s Youth Campus 2018.
Getting A Taste of Parliament
Young NTUC and Young PAP representatives get a better appreciation for what goes on before, during and after Parliament through role-playing.
Youths Converse with the President
As part of leadership development, some young unionists and Young NTUC activists share perspectives in an exclusive dialogue with Singapore President Halimah Yacob.
Learning Journey Takeaways
Some youths share their takeaways from recent visits to progressive technology companies.
Project Refresh: Making A Difference
More than 300 youth volunteers come together to bring a smile to less fortunate residents in Punggol North through Project Refresh.
Live & Learn
All I want for Christmas is a Good Credit Score
The wonderful time of the year is here to grace Singapore once again. Here are some tips on how to make the festive season a frugal yet fulfilling one.
3 Things You Should Know Before You Get Cash Off A Credit Card
It is easy to take out a cash advance from your credit limit but before doing so, here are 3 things you should know before you get cash out of your credit card.
Getting Your Credit Score Back On Track
Having a good credit score should be a priority in managing your personal finance because the higher your score, the better your chances of getting the credit you need. So, do you know your credit score?
Factors to Consider Before Getting Your First Credit Card
Every credit card has an appealing set of benefits to convince you to apply for it — but before you sign up, find out what’s important to you in a credit card.
Tips to Help You Pay Off Your Debt
Getting out of debt involves more than just paying off a few credit cards. It means changing spending habits, learning how to budget, and much more.
Planning your finances for your Graduation Trip
You’ve finally graduated and made it! Here’s some useful steps that you can take to make your graduation trip the best time of your life.
Up Close & Personal
Would you Consider a Career in Sustainability?
Tracy Yeow did, and she’s enjoying her new career thanks to knowledge picked up from the Sustainability Professionals Programme she attended.
Solution Architect: Creating the ‘Aha’ Moments
Surprise, surprise, Newson Ng from Microsoft says his job is not all about the technologies.
Life in the Fast Data and Digital Lane
“A lot of times, data is just there. You need to have that curiosity in your mind to dig deeper and crunch the numbers,” says digital marketing manager Jesslyn Kwong.
Give This Guy a Ring the Next Time Your Office Smells Funny
Izdihar Jamil clears the air about what he does on the job as an air quality assistant engineer with AxionTAB.
Beyond Nine to Five
Two inspiring individuals, with their passion as a sideline, lead fulfilling double careers.
Heard About the Durians that went Online?
The day has come when you can finally order durians online and have them delivered right to your doorstep! Let’s tune in to the full durian story.


18.35 Activism
Young Union Leaders
The Young Unionist
Young Singapore Teachers’ Union leader Goh Huishan opens up on how interacting with members and fellow young unionists has helped broaden her perspectives.
Face to Face with Melissa Tay
What inspires a young person to join the union as a leader? We meet up with Melissa Tay from PUBEU to find out more.
Making it Work: Senior Staff Nurse and Unionist
Fiona Leong talks about learning and how serving the union has helped her mature in the workplace.
Young Activists
Self-discovery Through Volunteerism
Young NTUC activist Lim Jun Cheng shares how helping others has helped him develop personally.
Helping Youths Find a Footing in a Career
Fresh graduates and possible young career-switchers, do you need some advice from a friendly face in the corporate world? Here’s someone who has been playing guide.
The Youth Career Network Widens Its Reach
Young NTUC’s Youth Career Network continues to grow in strength while benefitting youths and its volunteer career guides as well.